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Heap for C++ Partitions

The Problem As embedded systems become more eclectic, they are likely to include third-party C++ code. This is especially true since the third-party code may not have been written for…

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Let’s KISS

Keep It Simple Stupid has been the motto of many engineers, dating back to Kelly Johnson, who coined the KISS acronym at the Lockheed Skunk Works in the 1960s. It…

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Ten Windows

I recently read Viewpoint: IoT and the cybersecurity industry’s hardware blind spot by Shahram Mossayebi. It is well-written and informative. Although the Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) based upon immutable device…

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Moving Uptown to Umode

pmode[1] partitions may be just as effective as umode[2] partitions for reliability; however, umode partitions are much better for security for the following reasons: The hardware enforced pmode barrier prevents…

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Where’s The Gold?

Many Things are embedded systems to which networking has recently been added. As such, hackers coming in via the Hacker’s Highway (aka the Internet) can overcome the weak defenses of…

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