We discuss topics related to embedded systems and IoT devices, especially security and RTOS design.

MPU Extension

In any real project using a secure RTOS with a Memory Protection Unit (MPU), you are likely to run out of MPU slots for at least some tasks. One group of culprits is peripheral drivers, which tend to require multiple IO regions. If you have only one region to give to your task, you may…

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To Partition Or Not To Partition

For Secure IoT Devices Most embedded systems that are connected to the Internet, also known as things or devices, are based upon microcontrollers having moderate performance and small to moderate memories. The software or firmware in these devices typically runs on minimal RTOSs with no security protection. All software in such systems is linked into…

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Get Along Little Dogies

Is it time to herd your CWEs (Common Weakness Enumerations) into a safe coral where they won’t trample your code? In a recent report, 918 CWEs have been identified and documented by MITRE, and more are being identified regularly. Of these, 418 are classified as software weaknesses. Each weakness is described in a separate document,…

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Moving Uptown to Umode

pmode[1] partitions may be just as effective as umode[2] partitions for reliability; however, umode partitions are much better for security for the following reasons: The hardware enforced pmode barrier prevents umode access to pmode data and code. The MPU cannot be turned off nor altered from umode. The Background Region (BR) is ineffective in umode.…

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