To Partition Or Not To Partition

For Secure IoT Devices Most embedded systems that are connected to the Internet, also known as things or devices, are based upon microcontrollers having moderate performance and small to moderate memories. The software or firmware in these devices typically runs on minimal RTOSs with no security protection. All software in such systems is linked into … Continue reading To Partition Or Not To Partition

Moving Uptown to Umode

pmode[1] partitions may be just as effective as umode[2] partitions for reliability; however, umode partitions are much better for security for the following reasons: The hardware enforced pmode barrier prevents umode access to pmode data and code.The MPU cannot be turned off nor altered from umode.The Background Region (BR) is ineffective in umode. These combine … Continue reading Moving Uptown to Umode

FreeRTOS Security? Not To Worry

It is now possible to greatly increase the security of FreeRTOS projects by porting them to SecureSMX®, using FRPort™. SecureSMX facilitates partitioning an application into isolated partitions. This provides strong protection against hacking since a hacker can only access code and data within the partition that he has entered. In this solution paper, we discuss … Continue reading FreeRTOS Security? Not To Worry