Isolated Partitioning of Firmware Improves IoT Device Security

There are two methods for improving IoT device security: secure partitioning and secure coding. The latter seems to have gained favor, not only for cloud software, but also for IoT device firmware. This may be because there has not been an effective firmware partitioning solution for microcontroller-based devices using memory protection units (MPUs). We are … Continue reading Isolated Partitioning of Firmware Improves IoT Device Security

Ten Windows

I recently read Viewpoint: IoT and the cybersecurity industry’s hardware blind spot by Shahram Mossayebi. It is well-written and informative. Although the Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) based upon immutable device identity, as discussed in this article, may be essential, I don’t think it is the complete solution for security of IoT devices. It does nothing … Continue reading Ten Windows

To Partition Or Not To Partition

For Secure IoT Devices Most embedded systems that are connected to the Internet, also known as things or devices, are based upon microcontrollers having moderate performance and small to moderate memories. The software or firmware in these devices typically runs on minimal RTOSs with no security protection. All software in such systems is linked into … Continue reading To Partition Or Not To Partition