To Partition Or Not To Partition

For Secure IoT Devices Most embedded systems that are connected to the Internet, also known as things or devices, are based upon microcontrollers having moderate performance and small to moderate memories. The software or firmware in these devices typically runs on minimal RTOSs with no security protection. All software in such systems is linked into … Continue reading To Partition Or Not To Partition

Moving Uptown to Umode

pmode[1] partitions may be just as effective as umode[2] partitions for reliability; however, umode partitions are much better for security for the following reasons: The hardware enforced pmode barrier prevents umode access to pmode data and code.The MPU cannot be turned off nor altered from umode.The Background Region (BR) is ineffective in umode. These combine … Continue reading Moving Uptown to Umode

Is Your Thing In Danger?

Introduction The figure below shows the security structure of typical microcontroller embedded software. There is no structure! A hacker who has gained access to the system, has access to anything he wants, including keys and other secrets. This undermines the security afforded by encryption, authentication, and other security methods employed in modern systems. This figure … Continue reading Is Your Thing In Danger?